Tired of manually creating JWT tokens each time?

How to achieve global rate limiting with K8 NGINX Ingress

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Why Global Rate Limiting?

Where Azure Web Application Firewall Docs are Wrong

Image from https://medium.com/falafel-software/disappointing-azure-cloud-failures-c3cafd5cc905

Global Rate Limiting

My journey on ScholarX mentoring program

What is ScholarX?

What Happens at ScholarX?

Automate Azure WAF creation with TerraForm

Image from https://securitytoday.com/Articles/2015/02/01/Firewall-Protection.aspx
  1. Managed Rules — These rules are managed by Azure and provide a set of pre-defined firewall rules to be implemented on your WAF. These have been identified as common rules to prevent attacks and battle tested by many of experts in the field. These rules include protection for SQL injections, XSS attacks etc. You can choose which rules you need and enable them on your WAF

Start GSoC 2021 with CERN-HSF

Ready to GSoC with CERN?


Let’s get ready for GSoC 2021

Artwork by IEEE CS Club of University of Moratuwa


  • Open Source Summer Internship Programme
  • Held from May to August
  • Happening for the 17th year

How it Works

  • Organizations publish…

Is it time to Leave WhatsApp?

WhatsApp introduces new Terms and Conditions to share user data with Facebook

New WhatsApp Terms and Conditions

What do they really say? Let’s have a look!

How safe are you on the cyberspace?

You are the product. Your future is what’s being sold


What is Git Merge?

Kalana Wijethunga

Software Engineering Intern @WSO2 @CERN| GSoC Participant | Undergrad @UOM | Computer Science and Engineering

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