Automate Azure WAF creation with TerraForm

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Web Application Firewall commonly known as WAF is one of the first lines of defense in protecting your web application from malicious attacks.There are 2 types of rules that are supported by Azure WAF.

  1. Managed Rules — These rules are managed by Azure and provide a set of pre-defined firewall rules to be implemented on your WAF. These have been identified as common rules to prevent attacks and battle tested by many of experts in the field. These rules include protection for SQL injections, XSS attacks etc. You can choose which rules you need and enable them on your WAF

Start GSoC 2021 with CERN-HSF

Ready to GSoC with CERN?

I got this question from a lot of people in the last few weeks and so I thought to write a blog post about it so that all the interested students can use get to know this information.
If you are here I assume that you have a pretty good idea about what GSoC is, and if you don’t, please check my post on Intro to Google Summer of Code

Before getting started let’s see why I am qualified to talk about this.
CERN-HSF has the highest number of GSoC project approvals(to my knowledge) in the recent years and accomodate…

Let’s get ready for GSoC 2021

This blog post contains the content of a guest session i did for IEEE CS Club of University of Moratuwa on “Introduction to Google Summer of Code”. The slide set can be found here at

I’ll share my proposal soon on a separate blog post

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Google Summer of Code is a

  • Open Source Summer Internship Programme

Students engage in a 10 week long programming project with an open source organization during their summer break.

16000+ students from 111+ countries have contributed 38Mn+ code to GSoC so far

How it Works

  • Organizations publish…

Is it time to Leave WhatsApp?

WhatsApp introduces new Terms and Conditions to share user data with Facebook

Today when I opened WhatsApp a new bunch of terms and conditions appeared across my screen. I was in a hurry for something else and I just accepted it and moved on. I only realised the danger of that action later on when one of my friends told me about what’s in the new terms and conditions.

New WhatsApp Terms and Conditions

What do they really say? Let’s have a look!

So the most alarming point is how WhatsApp partner with Facebook to offer “integrations across the Facebook company products”. Up until recently, the users loved WhatsApp especially due to its simplicity and lack of nuisances like ads. All these advantages were there because…

How safe are you on the cyberspace?

You are the product. Your future is what’s being sold

Recent Netflix documentaries “The Social Dilemma” and “The Great Hack” got me thinking about the dark side of the social media once again. From how I see it, the major issue with social media is the unawareness among the people about what is a happening under the hood. But sometimes the rather unsettling fact is that some of us already know this and we choose to ignore it anyway. So I thought it is my duty as a software engineering undergrad and a tech blogger to make people aware of this.

I think most of you are already aware that…

Since my articles on Git Rebase seem to be grabbing a lot of attention since the day 1, I thought of writing another article on Git Merge. If you don’t know how to rebase in Git, please check my last article on Git Rebase.

What is Git Merge?

Merge is a command used in Git to move the changes in branch to another. Usually, the new features are developed in the dev branch and merged into the master branch after finishing the development. All the changes in the dev branch is added to the master branch on the merge. …


Project: Framework for Automating the Retrieval and Analysis of System Information of ALICE Grid Sites in WLCG

Organization: CERN-HSF(

Mentors: Maksim Melnik Storetvedt, Nikola Hardi, Costin Grigoras

Description: This project intends to build a framework to monitor the configuration of ALICE Grid Sites in WLCG(Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Grid). At the beginning of the GSoC 2020, users had to manually submit jobs and analyze results to identify the configuration of ALICE Grid sites. This project aims to automate this process and provides web and CLI interfaces to read ALICE Grid Site information.

Project Requirements

  • Create a new generic JAliEn job for obtaining…

Google Summer of Code 2020 Project

Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Grid(WLCG) is the largest computer Grid in the world which connects 1000s of computers and many supercomputers together to build a powerful computing Grid. The Grid powers a large number of researches on a day-to-day basis conducted by numerous scientists all around the world. My project for Google Summer of Code 2020 is to build a tool to monitor the configuration of WLCG.

WLCG combines a large number of Grid sites each containing its own small computing Grid. …

How to find the origin of attack if your MySQL DB was hacked


I was testing the deployment of one of my projects by hosting it on a AWS virtual machine. I had hosted both my database and the backend on this. I was yet testing the deployment without any serious data and therefore I hadn’t implemented any security measures for the VM or the DB. One day all of a sudden I see my app complaining that my tables are missing. So I logged into the database to see what was the issue and I find this message on a table called WARNING in my DB.

Picture from:*TYAzzTJ60x-qg5N81ElU9A.png

Poor Guy! He must have thought…

I recently got selected to work under the CERN organization for Google Summer of Code 2020 program. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research which owns the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator — The Large Hadron Collider(LHC). This prodigious volume of data created by the LHC is handled by CERN’s Worldwide LHC Computing Grid(WLCG) which incorporates over 170 computing centers in 42 countries, as of 2017. This is also considered as the World’s largest computing grid. …

Kalana Wijethunga

Software Engineering Intern @WSO2 @CERN| GSoC Participant | Undergrad @UOM | Computer Science and Engineering

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